Whaea Productions


Whaea Productions engages in Media Arts services in international indigenous communities. Based in Vancouver, Canada, principal contractor Tia Taurere-Clearsky specializes in media initiatives from an indigenous perspective. She films, photographs, edits, project manages and consults with an innate understanding of the viewpoint of indigenous communities.


Whaea Productions need was for a simple four page website that showcased Tia’s work in videography and photography. Her main banner images were split into a polyptych. Tia wanted the banner images to be representative of the elements water and air, fire, earth and aether to reflect the indigenous connection to nature. We made use of video banners which added a lot of visual interest and movement to the website. We carried through the home page banner styling to the videography page which made for a very unique layout of her video portfolio. When each image block and its description are clicked, a full screen video pops up for viewing. Tia specified the colours red, white and black to be used as a colour scheme because of the symbolism they have to her Māori culture and heritage.


Clea Pettit