Paula Whetu Jones


Paula Whetu Jones is a director, producer and writer who focuses on social justice issues. She has made several documentaries and her first foray into film was a piece she wrote and directed, a vignette, in the highly acclaimed New Zealand film ‘Waru’. Having finished two more short films ‘A Matter of Time’ and ‘Yellow Roses’. and with more on the way, it became important for Paula to have a website that could showcase her extensive body of work and share her latest news and adventures.


The majority of Paulas website is focused on her personal body of work and we wanted the style to be a reflection of who she is. She often has many projects on the go at the same time and appears to juggle them with consummate skill. With this in mind, the design is an almost disconnected series of blocks and sections which are unified by overlapping elements and a cohesive colour scheme. One section of the website is dedicated to her production company ‘Whitiora Productions’ which has a completely different colour scheme and layout. This section is a showcase of the media Whitiora has produced and links to an individual cover page for each film or series and these covers can be used as a marketing page for the production.

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