He Ao Kotahi


He Ao Kotahi sends prominent Māori artists thousands of miles from home to draw on and highlight the similarities between Māori and other indigenous cultures. Through their eyes and ears we see how the art and culture of our indigenous cousins worldwide has evolved, and the measures taken to ensure their precious art forms survive into the 21st century.


There are two main aims of the He Ao Kotahi website. The first is to act as a hub to display the web-series that we then share by link to social media platforms. The second is to have an extensive blog with multiple categories that showcase indigenous art and artists and feature some of the artists who appeared in the web-series. The blog has been extremely successful at building traffic to the website. We ran a concurrent social media strategy throughout the duration of the web-series and the He Ao Kotahi facebook following grew from 1500 to nearly 25,000 to date.


Clea Pettit