Grand Bovidae Designs


Grand Bovidae Designs is a luxury leather furniture company with pieces crafted from the finest quality leather skins and hides; including genuine Ostrich, Kudu, Eland, Buffalo, Oryx and Zebra. Unlike the throwaway culture of many homeware retailers, Grand Bovidae Designs offer heirloom quality pieces designed to last a lifetime. All materials are obtained from sources which act in accordance with the strict conservation laws of South Africa.


Grand Bovidae Designs is an online retailer with a small show room that is by appointment only so it is important for them to have a website ‘shop-face’ that beautifully showcases their furniture. We created eight galleries with images that pop up into light-boxes for closer viewing and we included descriptions and pricing. The site design has a magazine editorial feel, particularly the ‘style journal’ which offers modern styling tips for the leather pieces. We chose a colour scheme that is stylish, classic, and ties in with the colours of the South African landscape.

Clea Pettit